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  • We provide Engineering and Architectural Facade, roofing and curtain wall solutions for high-rise and commercial applications. Our solutions are specialty and custom-designed based on each project, and can vary in application and design. 

    Seamered Steel Roof Finish, Light Steel Curtain Wall, are examples of exterior finish solutions that our company provides.




  • A-Frame Cottages are prefab enginuity of architectural and engineering design. The A-frame is a prefabricated and pre-assembled 2 storey A-frame building, with 1000 sqft of space, which can be divided into 2-3 bedroom layouts. 

    The building is a fast and easy solution for cottages that have limited access. The units can be installed in matter of 1 week. The assembly is simply matter of unpacking the pre-assembled modules, and installing it on the foundation. 

    The A-frame is extremely cost efficient, and easy to install virtually anywhere. Given its cost effectiveness and unique architectural look, its a perfect candidate substitute for cottage construction. 



  • Our Industrial/Commercial and Recreational Warehouse Solutions

    Gable Frame:

    Gable Frame: is suitable for buildings with open span of upto 20 meters. Very Economical and easy assembly and also low cost makes this design very attractive for smaller spans

    Arc Frame

    Arc Frame: is suitable for buildings with open span of 20-150 meters. The unique design of Arc frame, using engineering and CNC production, makes production of very light structures with very wide spans. The assembly uses all Nuts and bolt connections, and erection or removal of building within weeks, which makes the design very attractive and successful to clients



  • Mega Floor is a composite slab that uses combination of steel deck and 8 cm of concrete that creates a light weight floor system using Cold formed Steel beams

    The Design is efficient and easy to install, using screw shear tabs and nuts and bolt connections



  • Eco-frame Design uses engineering design techniques that uses original H and Box Columns that are cut and drilled using CNC machinery with accuracy of 0.1 mm. The structure has complete nuts and bolts solution and is easy to erect. The overall weight is 10-15 % lower than typical fabrications, as the joints are made from cold-formed steel, thus are lighter

    Our engineers and designers have used this system to design buildings from 4 - 25 floors and is economically comparable to concrete designs upto 35 floors.



  • Our Light Steel Framing solution (LSF) is our main focus, which is our solution for steel framing of residential and commercial buildings upto 2 storeys. Our roll formers has the capacity to produce Studs and tracks ranging from 0.5 mm thickness to 3.2 mm and web width ranging from 5 cm to 40 cm, and all studs are cut to length. Our system has capacity to produce 17 km of studs per day, and capable of panellizing walls and pack, so that assembly is faster and efficient



  • Our Cold-formed CFS Design is engineered and tailor per project, and accommodates structural design for any architectural needs a project may have. The sections can range from 5 to 40 cm in width with any length (cut to length) with nuts and bolts connections. This design creates a low cost structure that is uniquely tailored per project, with easy assembly and possibility of complete removal.

    CFS is a perfect solution for 1-4 storey structures that required large openings and windows architecturally, that can be accomodated with our heavy Studs and special bolted moment frames.

    Using our State of Art CNC and roll forming machinery, our plant has capability to manufacture upto 17 km of sections per day, making production extremely fast, from design to manufacturing to structural erection


Pictures of some of our projects

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Canadian Steel Group is a engineering Design, fabrication and Installation Company that takes projects from A to Z completely. Canadian Steel Group management team with over 40 years of experience in Design, fabrication and installation of structural steel solutions, has been serving the GTA for past 10 years.

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